Price for our desexed Ocicat kittens or show neuter kittens: $2200
Kittens available Australia wide and world wide

Please contact for prices on our breeding cats

*Please note: We do not sell breeding cats within Australia, international enquiries will be considered

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Upcoming litters

Kittens due March 12th

Possible kitten colours from Cue and Livius – tawny, chocolate, blue, lilac, black silver, chocolate silver, blue silver, lilac silver.
All kittens will be spotted. 

Our Current Litters

Lil Sugar's kittens have arrived!

5 spotted beauties in black silver, chocolate silver, lilac silver & chocolate
click here to visit their litter page
(all adopted)

Callie kittens have arrived!

2 beautiful kittens in black spotted silver and chocolate spotted silver (both adopted) 
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