Date of birth – May 25th 2021
Ready to go from – August 28th, 2021


(names will be added as chosen by their owners)

Zayenah Cookie- Chocolate spotted silver male – adopted by Joshua & Natasha, NSW
Black spotted silver male(1) – adopted by Josh, NSW
Zayenah Augustus – Black

spotted silver male(2) – adopted by Sharni, SA
Zayenah Trinidad Scoropion – chocolate spotted silver female – adopted by Karen, Qld
Zayenah The Fire Within – Black spotted silver female – staying at Zayenah

3 1/2 weeks old...

We are all eating very well, and using the litter tray.  We play with small toys and each other. We are learing to run as well.
Some of us were not interested in posing nicely this week, we just wanted our dinner, silly Granny should have fed us first. Maybe next week we will do better. 

2 1/2 weeks old...

We are growing fast. We can get out of our bed and take a little walk around, our mum doesn’t like this much even though we can’t go too far, protected in our play pen.  We are starting to sniff around mums plate, in a few more days our teeth will start to come in and we will begin to eat very soon after that. 
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11 days old....

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